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What is the best Vape liquid ejuice bottle size? 30ml vs 60ml vs 100ml?

February 11, 2019

What is the most popular or best vape ejuice e-liquid bottle size to buy?

Typically 60ml vape bottles were the most popular ejuice size to buy. As of late 100ml Ejuice bottles have gained popularity

Does it matter what size vape liquid bottle size you buy?

Not really. The flavor will be the same. The cost however of each bottle differs significantly, with 100ml Vape juice bottles being the best and most cost effective purchase with portability.

Why 30ml vape juice bottles?

Sometimes, you want a smaller bottle to try a vape flavor juice first, before committing to a vape liquids flavor you wont like, so a smaller bottle can give you a sample before investing twice as much for a 100ml ejuice flavor.

Why buy 60ml Vape juice?

Similar to 30ml you get less e juice so you aren't "stuck" with a flavor. In this way, once you finish a bottle of a vape juice, you can purchase another flavor to try quickly. It is a sucky feeling getting stuck with 100ml of E-juice that you don' like, but force vape cause it yours LOL

why is 100ml the best Vape juice size bottle?

It is the best bang for the buck when you purchase in "bulk" ejuice flavors.

Does ejuice bottle size matter?

There are many vape juice size options available for vaping ejuice bottles. We are going to cover only the most popular sizes. Vape eliquids bottle sizes range from 15mlto 120ml and up. The ejuice bottle size you will likely see in vape shops will be 30mL, 60mL and 100mL bottle sizes.

Glass vs Plastic

Simply put vape bottles come in 2 popular materials. Plastic bottles and glass eliquid juice bottles with the dropper. We are never really big fans of the glass bottles with the eye dropper style dropper. After dropping several glass ejuice bottles getting ejuice everywhere and having to clean up broken glass we vowed never to purchase anymore glass bottles.

Unfortunately we do like the eco-friendliness of glass bottles, they just are not worth it price wise. Accidents happen and dropping 60ml of ejuice on the floor can become a nightmare. Broken glass and spilled ejuice is never fun to clean.

Plastic ejuice bottles are super convenient. The fear of glass shattering everywhere is gone. Ejuice plastic bottles typically come with what are known as drip tips. Drip tips make it easy to fill vape tanks or drip into an RDA. Plastic ejuice bottles can also be reused.

30ml, 60ml or 100ml?

The choice between selecting ejuice bottle sizes is the convenience of a smaller e-liquid vs the cost savings of larger ones. When you purchase a smaller vape bottle size you have the convenience of carrying this bottle around easily. You can carry smaller vape juice bottles in your pocket. You can hold one in your hand. They can also be easily stored in a backpack or purse. A 60ml vape bottle is still fairly small and convenient to carry around.

The 100ml ejuice bottle is larger than a 60ml ejuice, however it is still easily held in a pocket, backpack or purse. 100ml Vape juice bottles are still small enough to be carried around by hand.30ml

Is bigger better?

When you get larger than 100mL in size, you find that it starts to become cumbersome. Larger than 100ml bottles become difficult to manage in day to day functions. Vape juice bottles come in eliquid bottle sizes from 120ml and up. Larger ejuice bottles sizes are more for storage and home use. 120ml are no tan all day walk around bottle size.

Cost vs Convenience

Purchasing larger vape juice bottles like 100ml ejuice sizes, you will see a dramatic difference in per milliliter ejuice cost. A 30ml vape juice may cost between $10 - $15 USD. A 60ml Ejuice bottle may cost between $15 - $25 USD. A 100ml eliquid bottle may cost between $25 to $35 USD. You can see how the savings from purchasing a larger vape juice bottle is massive.

Why we choose 100ml bottles of ejuice bottles

The best ejuice size are 100mL bottle sizes. We love 100ml Bottles so much, that we use them in our own ejuice vape products. Oour prefessional opinion is 100mL bottle sizes are the best.

This is the most convenient eliquid bottle size and the most cost effective ejuice bottle size to purchase.

As consumers of eliquids and long time vape enthusiast, we always opt for more. WE love vaping and we vape a lot! With that in mind getting more bang for the buck is always a great deal!

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