Vape Pen & Vape Mech Mod Battery Safety to prevent Injury & Death

Exploding vape battery in Mech Mod

February 6, 2019

Vape Pen Battery Caused death of a North Texas Forth Worth man named WIlliam Brown.

I was prompted to write this article after seeing a news report about a fellow Vaper in North Texas passing away. A Man named William Brown from Forth Worth Texas, TX, who recently passed away due to a due to a Vape Battery malfunction in a Mech mod / Vape Pen device . Our deepest sympathy goes out to his family and loved ones.

Texas Man Dies from Exploding vape battery in Mech Mod.

I will go over what the potential cause was and more importantly, teach people about proper Vape Battery safety and how to properly handle vape batteries to prevent injury or death.

I can only speculate as to what caused the death of William Brown from Fort Worth, Texas and how his Vape Pen / Mech mod may have caused his fatality. From my experience vaping; which is more than 8 years now, I have tried all the possible Mods, Vape Pens, Mech Mods (mechanical mods), Unregulated Mech Mods, and Regulated Vape Mods.

From my experience, Mechanical Mods aka Mech Mods are one of the cheapest mods to purchase but also one of the most difficult vape mods to use safely. They are simple. A metal Tube that holds one or two vape batteries also known as 18650 Lithium Ion Batteries and an RDA or Tank with coils. These batteries are rechargeable and hold a lot of power. Also a Vape Tank or Vape RDA or RDTA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer & Rebuildable Drip Tank Atomizer) is fastened to the top of the Vape Mech Mod.

Vape Pens are not Mech Mods

There is a BIG difference between a simple VAPE PEN and the popular MECH-MOD which are both used for vaping. Vape Pens are low power, low wattage e-cigarette style pieces that are used for beginners that look like a small pen.

Mech Mods are designed for Sub ohm vaping. They are designed for HIGH OUTPUT. THis means A LOT OF POWER AND HEAT. You can read up on that on your own, as this is more of an entry into vape battery safety and not a coil building guide.

When inexperienced or mis-informed users start vaping on MECH MODS there are more dangers present with them than they realize.

Regulated Vape Mods versus Unregulated Vape Mods

Unregulated vape mod vs Regulated Computer chip Vape Mod

In my experience, Unregulated Mods are a lot less controllable as to how much power you are creating based on your coil design/coil build. Mech Mods also are harder to prevent with the accidental firing of the mech mod. Accidentally placing it on its base which is the main firing button can cause the mech mod to starts heating up. (This has happened to me in the past, and thankfully, without any batteries exploding) this is why I Personally ONLY vape on Regulated mods.

Unregulated Vape mods have no auto shut offs in place, because they are not controlled by any on board computer chip, which sense if a firing button is held for too long. Without this safety feature, a mech mod will continuously fire, draining the battery thus creating IMMENSE HEAT.

This heat can MELT the Vape battery wraps/covers which are made of very thin vinyl/plastic and this melting can cause the vape pen battery casings to become exposed to bare metal andshort circuit. This short circuit will cause a instant sparking. Then batteries come into contact with the Mech Mod itself this spraking creates a Fissure, which allows the internal Battery Acids to escape and ignite.

Never use old worn Vape Batteries with exposed metal

Practice SAFE Battery Handling and Use! Its your life!

On the other hand a REGULATED Vape Mod has many precautions and safety measures in place. First the Regulated Vape Mod’s power output is controlled by a computer chip. They have fuses inside which prevent over-firing. They also have Auto-Shutoff Safety features which prevent continuous firing from going on longer than a preset amount of time (usually 5 seconds). These are important safety features to have which UNREGULATED MECH MODS do not have.

Now lets move onto the important stuff. I will explain Vape Pen, Vape Mod 18650 Battery safety.

Vape Battery Safety to prevent Injury or death from exploding batteries

1.Vape Battery Safety Basic Tips

Never keep an 18650 vape battery in your pocket. This is very dangerous. A battery especially a large battery such as a vape batter is a high power battery with a lot of stored power. This power is similar to a car battery, there is acid inside the battery which can become very hot. When a vape battery becomes hot it can creature a tiny pinhole in the shell of the battery where this acid can escape, and under sever heat and load can potentially explode. Unsafely carrying vap ebatteries in your pocket can cause it to short circuit with other metal objects and creating a current with no where to go and begin to create heat and pressure.

2. Proper Care & Disposal of Vape Batteries

Always keep your vape batteries in a storage container, ONLY made of non conductive material like a plastic battery container. Here is an example:

Dual 18650 Vape Battery carry case to prevent battery short circuit and possible explosions

Never discard a vape battery into your trash with other household trash. This is very dangerous. Similar to carrying batteries in your pocket, this can cause a potential fire hazard. If it comes in contact with metal objects in your trash, this can cause a short circuit. Always bring your old or unusable vape batteries to your local vape shop. They will help you to discard of them safely. Never crush or throw your batteries into any natural bodies of water as this is harmful to local wildlife.

3.Vape Battery Wrapping. Is it Worth it?

Personally I never wrap or re-wrap vape batteries. As you use your vape batteries outer signs of wear and tear become present, but the battery internals degrade too. This can create another unsafe situation. Always replace your old worn out batteries with fresh new ones instead of wrapping old batteries.

Always inspect your batteries thoroughly when removing from your vape mods, when installing into a charger and prior to inserting back into your vape mod.

4.Where do I buy High Quality Vape Batteries?

High quality vape batteries can be purchased from local vape shops. Vape shops will always have the best and newest batteries for you to use. Never use 18650 batteries from a flash light or other electronic device for use in your vape device.

5.What Brand of Vape Batteries are the best?

My personal opinion is that the MXJO Batteries brand are the best. They are easily recognizable, here is a photo:

MXJO Vape Batteries for high Quality Vape Batteries

I never seem to get the same reliable source of battery power from any other brand. I have never had the plastic outer wrap liner rip or tear. Also it is highly unlikely you will get cheap knockoffs this way.

It is very easy for companies to re-wrap OLD BATTERIES with new wrap and sell as new. I never trust the solid color wrapped batteries. NEVER buy a vape battery if you feel it had been re-wrapped. ALWAYS buy high quality Vape Batteries like MXJO

6. What types of Vape Batteries should I use?

The type and size of battery is dependent on the device you use to vape. Typical vape pen / mods use 18650 Lithium Batteries such as the MXJO batteries. Some may require the use of different Batteries which may be much larger. Contact the manufacturer of your vape pen if you need help selecting the right components.

7. Do Vape Batteries Explode? Why do vape batteries explode?

Similar to any other kind of stored power, they have the potential of overheating and exploding. However it is VERY UNLIKELY that a vape battery will spontaneously explode.

Misuse or unsafe handling of vape batteries or vape pens can cause an unsafe condition. I URGE you to safely handle your vape batteries and take any and ALL precautions when using UNREGULATED vape mods.

Vape mods explode when they come into contact with metal objects and complete a current. If this current continues without any stop it will cause the battery to overheat and potentially explode. If the lining on a battery is ripped, torn or peeling, this may cause the outer casing of a battery to make contact with another battery or a metal object . Such as with unregulated mech mods, a battery can come into contact with the metal casing of the mech mod itself.

8. How do I safely Charge My Vape Batteries?

NEVER charge your batteries using the incorrect cables or adapters. NEVER charge your vape batteries while you are vaping. ALWAYS be sure to charge your vape batteries on a dedicated vape battery charger.

vape battery charger for safe charging, never overcharge vape batteries

There are many brands of vape battery chargers, and each one is different, but one thing stays the same; NEVER overcharge your vape batteries. What this means is do not let your vape batteries sit in the charger for extended periods of time.

Always remove your vape batteries from the charger after being fully charged. Most well designed chargers have led lights or digital screens that display when a battery is fully charged. Always remove them upon the battery reaching full charge.

9. Should I Use A Regulated Mod, or UN-regulated Mod for Vaping?

This is a personal choice, but I urge you to use a regulated mod. If you want to vape on an unregulated mod (which I don’t recommend) Please educate yourself on how to properly use, handle and store this type of device.

10. How Long do I charge my Vape Batteries for?

Only charge your batteries til they are fully charged.

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