Ejuice / Vape Flavor ban in nyc New York City

Nyc Flavor Bans

January 15, 2019

As you probably know by now, the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), Politicians, Anti-vape coalitions, state legislators and misinformed people are working hard to stop the vape industry from progressing. They are using misinformation and propaganda, like “teen vaping epidemic” rhetoric, unsupported claims of vaping health risks and biased media blanketing.

Albeit I will give them a hat tip for their “do it for the kids” angle. Yes I myself and I am sure most ex-smokers who quit smoking cigarettes, using e-cigarettes or vaping also feel strongly that teens and young adults should not be vaping. More-so they shouldn’t be introduced to any kind of addictive substance, EVER!

However, claiming that the vapeejuice industry is DIRECTLY and PURPOSEFULLY targeting teenagers is truly absurd. To add more variables to the equations, the infamous JUUL devices entered the market which caused a new plethora of issues.

Firstly I want to take this time to quantify that VAPING is NOT the same as JUULING!

I will say it again, VAPING is NOT JUULING, and JUULING is not vaping. Ill get back to the whole JUUL topic in a moment.

Vaping is a lifestyle.

Juuling is a trend.

Vaping is more than just making cool vape clouds. It was a life changing experience for most adults who finally had a tried and true alternative to smoking cigarettes. It was an escape for smokers, it was a way to break free of the chains :cue music track Seperate ways by Journey:: that bind them!

It is also being claimed that “vaping” is a gateway to actual cigarettes. Hold on, wait just a minute!!!! SO, you are saying that vaping could lead to a more dangerous form of nicotine delivery? You’re saying that there is a MORE dangerous form of tobacco that could be WORSE than vaping? So why are we not calling it a “Teen Smoking Epidemic” and actually do something about cigarettes? What’s that? Cigarettes make too much money for cities and states in the form of taxes(Cigarette companies are paying people off), and now you need a way to make money off the vaping industry? Yea…. Money…. Not Peoples health is the concern here.

SO now back to JUUL.

Here is an article about JUUL:

So once the new kid on the block entered the scene, everything and the shit hit the fan. JUUL was designed to be a “cigarette alternative” but to me and many vapers, its just a real ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE.

A dual coil build at 0.2OHMS on an RDA atop a dual battery regulated mod is not an electronic cigarette. A Mod is a refined machine designed to give a premier vaping experience. JUUL on the other hand is ecigarettes little brother that wants to hang but is wearing wayy too much cologne. It’s small, discreet, and cheap. easy to carry and a waste of money.

I believe JUUL is the next cigarette, not the next cigarette alternative. The vaping industry has worked hard to bring its users from using higher levels of nicotine down to 0mg 0% nicotine. In one fell swoop, the JUUL has reversed the entire process, having users use more and more nicotine.

Whats even more interesting is that the flavor ban is on all flavors except TOBACCO FLAVORS and MENTHOL Flavors… Hmmm I wonder what has Tobacco Flavor and Menthol Flavors… Oh wait that’s right CIGARETTES!!!! Am I a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist or is this so blatantly obvious to anyone with at-least one brain cell?….

Personally I will never JUUL, I have never tried a JUUL and never will.

nyc vape ejuice ecig vaping ban

End rant for now. Dont forget to show your support for the NYC Vaping Community by visiting http://www.saveflavors.org . Please also send a pre-written message to lawmakers.

If you can please show up Wednesday January 30 2019 on the steps of city hall at 11:30 am to 1Pm. Show support of this major issue facing the vaping community created by lawmakers against the #vapinglifestyle!

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