Our ejuice flavor Development Process

Ejuice flavor development process

Wikd Vapors Recipe Development, ejuice flavors, vape liquid recipe

January 28, 2019

Our ejuice Flavors go through a very thorough analysis for flavor and vape experience quality. We are constantly working and reworking our recipe til we get it 100%! WIKD VAPORS plans to launch ONLY once our recipe’s are TOP NOTCH and PERFECT! Our mixologists have years of experience learning how to make italian foods and desserts from scratch. Knowledge of cooking and baking and utilizing it to make our vape juices as real to taste as possible is the goal!

Ejuice flavor development process

Our team of testers, test on multiple mods using numerous tanks and RDA’s (rebuildable Drip Atomizers). This is toensuresure our vape ejuice is pleasurable across the board.

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